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Understanding Wisdom And FOREVER Appreciating The Past

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Below, right, and left are links that will enrich your knowledge of the past and present selfless contributions made by just a FEW of our MANY great African Americans. As you read the wealth of information on the pages, think about how our world would be today without the selfless contributions and what we have learned from the good and the bad. Also, recognize the unbending focus and intensity of their efforts despite repeated rejections and unfulfilled expectations.


We must continue to remember and respect our heritage (even though one might not agree with the actions of some--it is still history) by never saying good-bye to yesterday, for we are still standing on their shoulders—yesterday made our present possible.  Appreciate OUR Past . . .

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Military / Armed Forces

 - Marcus Garvey
 - Dorie Miller
 - Mark Matthews
 - William Carney

 - Herman Perry

 - Sherian Cadoria

 - Michelle J. Howard

 - James Daniels


 - Carl Brashear
 - Toussaint Ouverture
 - Henry O. Flipper
 - Regina Benjamin


African Americans have been involved in the military / armed forces since their first arrival to the United States . . .


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Charles Bush Ralph Bunche Paul Cuffe James Armistead
Logan B. Greenbury Robert Smalls Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Daniel James
Crispus Attucks Hazel Johnson William C. Carney Samuel Gravely
Harriet Ida Pickens Emancipation Proclamation  Abolitionism Buffalo Soldiers 
Declaration of Independence  Arlington National Cemetery  Christian Fleetwood U. S. Colored Troops  
African Americans in the Military Articles
African Americans in the Army The Fight for the Alamo Battle of Fort Wagner
Honoring the Legacy --Marines Black Firsts in the Military Underground Railroad
African Americans & the Navy African Americans Military--Early 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry





Colin Powell Captain Donnie Cochran Henry Vinton Plummer  
powell donnie plummer  
  First AA Aviator
U.S. Navy/1986
First Black Army Chaplain  


    African Americans In The United States Army - Timeline    


Military Resources:  African Americans


First Black Paratroopers




First African American Pilot

Click the Images

First African-American enlisted pilot, Eugene Bullard

World War II African American Veterans - Article 1

African Americans and World War II - Article 2




Mary Seacole

Opened British Hotel to Help Sick Officers



African American United States Naval Crew During WWII



African American United States Marines During WWII


African American and the United States Army


African American and the United States Air Force

Benjamin O Davis



Tuskegee Airmen - Article 1

Tuskegee Airmen - Article 2


"Tuskegee Airmen Were Not Just Pilots"

Pictures:  Atkinson, Charles H.


Tuskegee Top Gun


The Black Revolutionary Seamen

African Americans in the Revolutionary War



The Era of Idi Amin





Georgia's Black Revolutionary Patriots

By: Carole E. Scott



Black U. S. Marshals


Robert Moore

CEO/Executive Recruiter and Author -- Robert Moore Associates

"The President Men: Black United States Marshal in America"
Book Signing - St. Louis

Robert Moore, Author, "The President's Men"--United States Marshal (ret)
We Preserve Black Marshal History and Create Change


dallas      walker

 Priscilla Walker Locke   and   Joy Eicheiman



The Warrior Queens of Dahomey

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About Dahomey 1       About the Women Warriors 2



Jean-Jacques Dessalines
A Leader of the Haitian Revolution
Black Revolutionary Artwork
The First Rhode Island Regiment -- The Black Regiment
The first African-American Military Regiment

African Americans and the Spanish American War

Frances Eliza Wills and Harriet Ida Pickens--The Navy’s first African American female officers.


Harlem HellFighters